Partnering to build a world where all Warraich's family live happily.

Partnering to build a world where all Warraich’s family live happily.
By The Grace of The Almighty, Warraich Welfare Society has gained recognition in the fields of Social and Welfare activities throughout Pakistan and also at International level. We believe that the name of Warraich Welfare Society and sincere devotion and efforts of our Donors and Workers are the main factors of our success. Our main concentration is in the field of Health, Education and Social Services for the low income group of our society.

In order to continue all these activites and broaden the spectrum of services for the needy people, WWS needs your support. You can view our Projects on our website and decide yourself that in which field you are interested to help the underprivileged people of our society. May Allah Almighty help and guide us. Ameen.

With regards and prayers,

(Mr. Ijaz Warraich)

President WWS


We Facilitate Others as Well

Besides routine welfare activities, Warraich Welfare Society has contributed a lot during national disasters like Earthquake 2005, flood 2010, 2011 and 2012.

We also participate to educate the people of local areas for diseases, heath care issue, Every year our doctors community set camps in rural areas to provide free checkups and medicines.

WWS has facilitate the national elections campaign where we educate the people with the process of how to cast the vote and we our helps and efforts give a turn over in our functional areas.

WWS is trying very hard to provide the clean water for drinking in our areas and we installed three plants and still working on more clean water projects. We Believe health is must to grow the community and water is basic necessity where no one can compromise because”Health is Wealth.”

1— Our Vision

Become an organization of the willing and motivated individuals dedicated to empower the Warraich caste and improve their quality of life and livelihood.

2— Our Mission

Our Mission is to make Happy, Vibrant & Secured Warraich Community and develop a harmony where all Warraich’s families live with respect & honor.

3— Our Story

The motivation behind creating the WWS is the vision of a Happy society, with an inclusive economy and growth underpinned by business and civil society. We started with a mission and create a network of highly motivated people who are willing to change the life of others, who want to create the better future for coming Generations. We always welcome those who has courage to help and can bring the positive change in our society.


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