Pirater Un Telephone – Game Review

Pirater Un Telephone Sans Y is an incredibly charming game that requires no previous familiarity with the infamous Pirater series. The basic premise of the game is that you are to avoid being thrown into a tower by the angry pirates of the sea, who have captured your dear sister. You are therefore required to find out where they have positioned their cannons and riddle your way from one side of the map to the other in order to locate their base of operations. Your current position will be displayed at the top of your screen and any of the four icons representing that sector will be glowing blue, red or green when you hover your cursor over it. Your aim is to shoot down every icon on the screen as quickly as possible whilst remaining accurate in your aiming.

In theory, the controls of this game are simple enough but in fact the more you advance through the levels the more difficult the challenge becomes. One of the most frustrating elements of this game is the often time when you would shoot a pirate ship only to see it disappear into the horizon without dropping one of your crew. This is referred to as the “Amusement Park” feature and it really gets on your nerves. When you finally reach the end of your level all that remains are your collected medals which have been converted into credits and you are able to continue the game from where you previously left off. Due to the nature of the game there is a small amount of backtracking involved should you choose to return to a previously completed level, but the effort is well worth it considering the challenging nature of the game.

Pirater Un Telephone is very addictive, especially when you consider the simple concept of being able to shoot down as many targets as you can within a short period of time. The graphics are not something to sneer at either, which is a real bonus considering the dark and eerie atmosphere of the game. The overall sound track is not very impressive, however this is probably for the best since there are so few sounds to really notice. Overall, Pirater Un Telephone is a fun and exciting game that can be played alone or with friends, but the best approach would be to play the demo if available before jumping in at the deep end. The fact that there is an option to play the full version online should go unnoticed by most people since most demos allow you to simply click on the game and then continue where you left off, but the same cannot be said for the full version of the game.

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